Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Job and Internship Options For College Students

Getting a job or internship while you're in school not only allows you to beef up your resume, but gives you real world experience that you can really use. That is, if the company or organization that invites you on board utilizes your efforts in a productive and engaging manner. There will be those that tell you that any old internship will do in terms of preparing you for the job market.

What you take out of an internship, and thus its overall value to potential employers after college, depends not only on the work you put in, but the opportunities the job presents to you. Picture one job or internship that utilizes its young employees or interns in a way that sees them getting coffee, making copies, filing or entering data into a computer.

While these jobs need to be done, college students should look for opportunities that utilize them in more ways than this. Even if the student does find themselves getting coffee, making copies, filing and entering data, their responsibilities and duties should expand beyond that.

Picture another job or internship that allows its interns or employees to perform some level of management, handle budgeting to some degree and work alongside those willing and able to teach them valuable lessons in the field. Which opportunity would you like to pursue, and which do you think would be a more productive use of a college student's time? If you answered the second opportunity for both questions, you're right.
There will always be job seekers with more experience than you, but opportunities for college students will always be there as well. If you've ever wondered how you're supposed to get experience when virtually every job listing you come across requires some degree of experience, the answer is usually through a college internship or entry level position.

In March, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics by way of USA Today, the unemployment rate nationally was 9.7%, while for individuals under 25 years of age, it was 18.8%. Gaining experience while still in college is a good way to not only earn a little cash, if the opportunity is a paid one, but to prepare oneself for the challenges of the workplace after school.

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