Thursday, 16 April 2015

Finding Internships In Public Sector Fields

For many high school and college students, summer break is a time to think about expanding your work experience. If this is something in which you would be interested, it's not to early to begin searching for an internship in a local, state or federal government agency. There are many types of these positions available. They offer those fortunate enough to capture one of the jobs benefits that carry into professional life.
Internships are a special type of position, usually created to allow young workers to learn more about many different types of government positions by working alongside the regular employees. The interns often are directed to complete special projects that might fall outside the usual day-to-day workings. Such projects will typically have stated goals and a short time frame for completion.
Internships exist or can be created at every level of government. There are many types of internships. Work projects can include working for Congress, a local assembly or city council. Internships in the White House are much sought after, since there are only 100 positions open at any one time. These positions deal with military, medicine, education and the environment. If you are determined, you can petition an agency to create a project for you.

In addition to real benefits financially, internships allow the individuals fortunate enough to be chosen a significant amount of experience in the selected field. This field could be law, politics, administration, education or health. There are positions in science research and in engineering. Interns are selected from a large field of hopefuls, so you should enter your name into the running if you are at all interested.

If you are not one of the few inters selected to live and work in Washington DC, you could choose to work a project at the state or city level. If you elect to work for state government as an intern, you should plan on living in the state capital. If you have an interest any of the positions available at the city level, you can usually find a job slot that you can use to expand your level of experience.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect for interns in the nation's capitol is meeting the powerful members of all three branches of government. There are jobs in many of the departments and agencies. The projects that are assigned are real jobs. Networking is important in the real world. Often a qualified internship is a path into a permanent position in the future.

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