Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Top 5 Networking Questions for Kids

Networking has many benefits for professionals, entrepreneurs, students and now kids. Kids can take advantage of networking to expand their career choices, finds summer jobs / internships and develop professional skills at an early age. Kids are very creative, active, risk takers and great connectors in their schools, sports/athletics and community/volunteer involvements. With the right coaching and guidance, they can benefit greatly from networking and become instant success stories.
Listed below are questions that kids can ask when interacting with adults at social and business functions for school, sports, church, community involvements, social parties/gatherings etc.
#1 What do you like most about your job?
This is an excellent question for a young person to ask an adult. This gives the young person insight to various different career paths as well as a primary source or mentor for their career endeavors. The young person can learn the needed skills to attain the job or career of their dreams. They can also learn about the challenges or difficulties that may be associated with that particular job or career. Also, the young person can use this as an opportunity (with parental permission) to shadow that adult or visit their job if permissible. Many schools and organizations allow their children to visit for a workday.
#2 Where did you go to school?
A young person asking this question to an adult has the opportunity to expand their avenues for higher education. Learning about different schools around the city, country or the world puts education in a good perspective for that particular young person. They are able to find out the best schools for the type of career or education that they would like to pursue. It also opens the doors for an opportunity for the young person to ask that adult for a school tour or to get into direct contact with a representative of that school or the alumni association.
#3 Do you have any children?
It might sound silly but this is a very good question for young people to ask adults. The young person can network with the child/children of the adult and introduce other child/children to their parents. It also allows the young people to build their communication skills with one another and develop a form of professionalism. The adult can also pass along some of their advice or experience with their child/children to the young person and their parents. It also a great opportunity for the young people to connect and invite each other to networking events such as sporting events, school events, community events etc.

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#4 What did you want to be when you were my age?
This is an excellent question to ask because it give the young person insight on how life was during the childhood of the adult. The young person has the opportunity to learn about changes and advancements in history, the economy, technology, business, entertainment, travel etc. It can also give the young person ideas of what they would like to do for their future career or academic endeavors. If the young adult and the adult have similarities, its a great way to connect and have a mentor.

#5 Do you have a business card?
The young person can ask this question if they feel that they have made a great connection and would like their parents/guardians to meet and network with the adult. It is also a great way for the young person to have some form of accountability for their professional, social and career endeavors. The young person can also encourage the adult to volunteer or visit their school, church or organization as a guest speaker.

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