Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Why Students Are Required to Complete a College Internship

Each college major is required to take classes that are unique to their field of study. Journalism majors take writing and editing classes for example while engineering majors take math and physics classes.

Not all students, however, are required to complete a College Internship. Each college department has its own reasons why its students are or are not required to complete a college internship. Reasons for not requiring an internship college include certain departments instead requiring their students to complete a major senior project instead of the college internship. Some departments may also feel that an internship college would not be applicable for students in their particular major.

If students aren't required by their department to complete an internship college, they can still opt to complete one on their own. Students who are not required to complete an internship can still benefit from completing one. The benefit to students still completing a college internship is that it will either help solidify their choice in a major or help them realize that they may have made the wrong choice in a major. If students don't enjoy the work they do during their internship, they can still often times change their field of study before graduation.

Another benefit to still completing a college internship is that students can gain great experience in preparation for their career. Potential employers want to see relevant job experience on the resumes of students that have recently graduated. If an employer is considering two applicants but one has gained more experience through a college internship, the employer will more than likely choose the student with more experience.
Most students work part time or full time during the summer months. Instead of working at the local grocery store or spending the summer at some other job that offers no relevance to their future career, students should consider taking on an internship.


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