Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer Internship – Why, Where and How?

Summer – the best time for internship:
Summer is the most suitable time for internship because this is the time when the students have some hours in their hands. Instead of wasting the vacations in useless activities, it is ideal to join an internship and utilise the vacations in most profitable way. Also, most of the companies and institutes have special courses and internship programs for summers.

Which internship program to join?
There is handful of options when it comes to select the ideal Summer Training in Jaipur program. Internship is something which remains void of the school/college curriculum and students have the choice to select a program of their wish and their taste. One thing which you have to keep in mind while selecting any internship program is, the program must be something which enhances your overall skills and also helps you achieving your career goals. For instance, you may join a painting course but it will not help you in your career, until or unless you are actually serious about making a career in painting.

Where to find summer internship in Jaipur?
There are innumerable schools, companies and institutes in Jaipur that offer summer internship. Some of these institutes charge a limited fee for the program while some companies allow you to pursue your internship for free. To find the best organisation, you may need to make some market study. Ask your friends, roam around the streets or explore the internet. You can easily find many such organizations.

Create a profile to get hired:
Once you have completed your summer training in Jaipur, don’t forget to include it in your profile and CV. This is the reason I stated that the internship must be career oriented. If you have pursued the internship in a course which is demanded in the market, it may give you an extra edge over others. Companies always look for individuals who have practical knowledge of work. Summer internship gives you that experience and confidence.

The bottom line is, Summer Internships Program for B.Tech Engineering Students 2014 in Jaipur is an essential part of the career of every student. It may not give you extra marks in your mark sheet but it will surely give you some extra marks in your job interview. Pick the course and institute for summer internship in Jaipur, and learn as much as you can.


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